• This role uses the username variable to set both the non-root username and its full user name.

  • Only support two types of partitioning: no partitioning or whole disk partitioning.

  • If you use the whole partitioning type it does not allow to handle encrypted partitioning.

  • Does not allows to handle partman recipes.

  • When using preseeding to specify packages to install via apt there could be some problematic packages that needs a full Linux system enviroment to get installed and configured properly. Example of such packages are:

    • bridge-utils
    • libvirt-system-daemon

    If you include any of those packages on a preseeding setup it will fail.

    To prevent such failure it is recommended to setup a basic system first and when the system has started, call the script again passing to it a configuration file.

  • Uses the same device to install the operating system and grub.

  • When using a wireless network there is one step not preseeded:

The option Enter ESSID Manually must be choosed automatically but it does not, the installer highlights the option correctly but does not continue with the process as if the Enter key is not preseed, and because of this is necessary to hit the Enter key one time during this step.

Once the Enter key has been preseed, all the other steps continue without any problem.

Luckily this step occurs at the beggining of the installation process, affects only wireless setups and does not affect virtual machines or containers.

  • This role does not support vault values.